For PEET's Sake! The Web of Life Lives   By PEETsters Robert W. Lichtwardt, Leonard C. Ferrington, Jr., Merlin M. White, Matías J. Cafaro, and Amy Slaymaker  

    Not only are NSF PEET project biologists interconnected intellectually through interests in systematics, but the kinds of organisms studied may also have intimate biological relationships. Here is an example. Fungi in the class Trichomycetes live in the guts of various groups of arthropods, including major taxa within which individual PEET projects are focused. Genera shown in the list below represent all three orders of trichomycete gut fungi, but not all types of arthropod hosts of Trichomycetes are represented. The currently described number of fungal species in these associations are in parentheses.

Genera of Trichomycetes                                                      PEET Projects (Major Taxonomic Groups)

        Eccrinidus (1)                                                                                                Diplopoda
        Eccrinoides (4)
        Enterobryus (21)
        Astreptonema (5)                                                                                           Amphipoda
        Paramacrinella (1)
        Ramacrinella (1)
        Taeniellopsis (3)

        Alacrinella (2)                                                                                                 Isopoda
        Asellaria (6)
        Baltomyces (1)
        Eccrinoides (4)
        Legerioides (1)
        Palavascia (3)
        Parataeniella (5)

        Coleopteromyces (1)                                                                                       Coleoptera
        Enterobryus (3)
        Lajasiella (1)
        Leidyomyces (1)
        Passalomyces (1)

        Austrosmittium (4)                                                                                          Diptera
        Carouxella (1)
        Caudomyces (2)
        Furculomyces (3)
        Genistellospora (4)
        Graminelloides (1)
        Harpella (4)
        Harpellomyces (1)
        Pennella (7)
        Simuliomyces (2)
        Smittium (56)
        Stachylina (22)
        Stipella (1)
        Trichozygospora (1)

        Updated 3 February 2000