Illustrated Glossary of Sea Anemone Anatomy - Whole Images

This page contains photographs and illustrations of whole sea anemones, both preserved and in their natural habitats. In these images, it is possible to see structures such as the tentacles, the mouth, the column (including column sections and protuberances), and the pedal disk.

Kylindrosactis elegans.
Actinia sanctaehelenae.
Phellia flexibilis. a. Uppermost margin of the sheath; b. The bare part of the body.
Actinia novaehyberniae.
Edwardsia costata. a. Scapus with ribs; b. Capitulum; c. Physa.
Actinia ocellata.
Side view of live specimen of Aulactinia incubans. Note verrucose column, dilated pedal disc, and sinuous tentacles. Inset: Side view of fixed specimen showing the verrucae in better focus.
A photograph of Cryptodendrum adhaesivum presenting a lateral view.
Phellia abyssicola presenting a view into the mouth. a the upper cuticle (Epidermis).
Preserved specimen of Sagartia herpetodes from the Museum fuer Naturkunde at Humboldt University. This specimen has been cut longitudinally and a portion of the interior is visible.

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