Illustrated Glossary of Sea Anemone Anatomy - Tentacles

This page features images of sea anemone tentacles. These nematocyst-studded structures are situated on the oral disk around the mouth.

Actinodendron glomeratum, sketch of portion of corona, from life.
Tentacle of Actinia priapus.
Aiptasia peruviana.
Tentacle of Phymanthus strandesi.
Phymanthus sansibaricus, outer tentacles.
Heterodactyla hypnoides, isolated pinnatified tentacles.
Rhodactis howesii, contracted tentacles.
Cribrinopsis similis torn-off tentacles.
Bunodactis (Parabunodactis) inflexibilis, tentacle seen from the side.
Helianthopsis mabrucki, sketch of forked tentacles.
Actinia chrysosplenium, a separate tentaculum.
Actinodendron hansingorum. Branched tentacle.
Telmatactis natalensis tentacle.
A side view of the disc and upper part of the scapulus of Edwardsia callianthus to show the pattern.
A separate tentaculum of Actinia alba.
Triactis producta, tentacle of the inner cycle.
Nectactis singularis. Tentacles of the second order of size.
Phymanthus levis. Tentakel (a von der Seite, b von der innen) 2 mal vergrössert.
Actinia pinoti. Tentacle.
Tentacles of Oulactis danae.
Tentacle of Capnea lucida.
Thelaceros rhizophorae.
Thalassianthus kraepelini Innere Tentakeln nach konserviertem Material gezeichnet.

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