Illustrated Glossary of Sea Anemone Anatomy - Sphincter Muscles

This page contains images of sea anemone sphincter muscles taken in cross section. Sphincters are circular muscles of the column, often accumulated at or near the margin, that serve to contract the oral disk.

Cross sections of circumscribed, endodermal sphincter muscles of Aulactinia incubans. (a) Palmate form; (b) pinnate form.
Sagartia nutrix. Cross-section of sphincter.
Glyphoperidium bursa. Portion d'une coupe longitudinale du sommet de la colonne, destinée à montrer le sphincter endodermique sectionné en travers.
Actinioides ambonensis. Sphincter.
Cross section through the sphincter of Epiactis adeliana.
Cross section of mesogloeal sphincter of Carcinactis ichikawai.
Sphincter of Cribrina altifossa.
Amphianthus armatus. Cross section through the sphincter.
Calliactis algoaënsis. Sphincter.
Stephanauge annularis. Sphincter.

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