Illustrated Glossary of Sea Anemone Anatomy - Retractor Muscles

This page features images of sea anemone retractor muscles taken in cross section. These are longitudinal muscles occupying one side of each mesentery and serving to shorten and bend the column.

Haliactis arctica. Transverse section of a perfect mesentery in the reproductive tract.
Edwardsia finmarchica. Transverse section of pennon in the reproduction tract.
Condylanthus aucklandicus. Transverse section of pennon at the oral disk.
Telmatactis australiensis. Transverse section of mesentery of first cycle at level of lower part of actinopharynx.
A transverse section of a retractor muscle in the upper part of the fertile region of Edwardsia callianthus. (The mesogloea is shown as black and the fertile and cnidoglandular areas are stippled.)

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