Illustrated Glossary of Sea Anemone Anatomy - Column

This page features images of the column of sea anemones. The column stretches from the oral disk to the pedal disk, is often colorful, may be separated into distinct regions, and is often studded with protrusions of various sorts (i.e. acrorhagi, marginal spherules, marginal pseudospherules, nemathybomes, tenaculi, vesicles, and verrucae.

Halcampogeton papillosus. A piece of the scapus with two rows of papillae.
A portion of the body-wall of Anthopleura insignis.
A portion of the scapulus of Actinia pluvia.
Edwardsia fusca. A portion of the integument, inside the sheath. On the outer surface the two series of papillę are observed.
Sideractis glacialis; Diagonal section of the body-wall. a. Ectoderm-cells; b. Nematocysts; c. Circular muscles; d. Connective-tissue; e. Endothelium.
Kyathactis hyalina. Portion of the outer body-wall.
Edwardsia costata. A portion of the integument with its ribs, furnished with papillae. a. Ribs with papillae; b. Longitudinal areas between the ribs.
Edwardsioides vitrea. A portion of the integument. a. Suckers.
Edwardsia callianthus. Surface view of a portion of the scapus wall cleared in glycerine to show the arrangement of the nemathybomes. N. nemathybome, P.M. parietal muscle.
Phellia bathybia. Oblique section of the integument. a. Ectoderm; b. Connective-tissue; c. Circular muscles.

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