Illustrated Glossary of Sea Anemone Anatomy - Actinopharynx

This page contains images of sea anemone actinopharynxes. The actinopharynx is the tube leading from the anemone's mouth into the body cavity. The actinopharynx of some anemones contains one or two siphonoglyphs, which are smooth grooves running down the interior of the actinopharynx.

Ptychodactis patula. Ein Ausläufer des Schlundrohres mit den oberen Theilen zweier an denselben befestigten, vollständigen Septa.
Peachia tropica. Section passing through the upper region of the actinopharynx, showing the separate siphonoglyph and the sixteen mesenteries. Drawn from a hand section. act.-actinopharynx; d.m.-ventral directive mesenteries; si.-tubular siphonoglyph; s.m.-a pair of mesenteries belonging to the second cycle.
Limnactinia nuda. Longitudinal section of the evaginated actinopharynx (a, b), the oral disc (c, d) and the upper part of the column (e).
Glyphostylum calyx. Cross section through siphonoglyph.
Edwardsia andresi; transversal section of a portion of the aesophagus. a. Epithelium; b. Connective-tissue; c. Musculous layer; d. Pyramidal connective-tissue prominence on the inner wall of the connective-tissue; e. Epithelium with cilia.

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