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Congratulations to Anthony! He recently had his paper on species delimitation in Philippine Sunskinks accepted at Evolution... and then promptly won the ASIH Stoye award for the best student presentation at the Albuquerque herp meetings. Well done! (14 August 2013)


Congrats to Jamie Oaks, recent recipient of a 3-year NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship! Jamie plans to take his funding to the laboratories of Vladimir Minin and Adam Leaché at the University of Washington, where he'll continue his work in statistical phylogeography (April 2013).


Yaaay!, and Paulette just received word that she has been accepted into the Master's program at UC San Diego where she'll be working with Tod Reeder. Congratulations Paulette! (April 2013)

r Our centenial KU Herpetology expedition in the Philippines comes to a close with some exciting discoveries and rediscoveries in western Mindanao (October 2012). Featured here: Ichthyophis glandulosus!

Half way through our 100th year expeditionary celebration of KU Herpetology in the Philippines...The field team takes a much needed break on the beach. Stay tuned with our blog (25 June 2012)


Exodus of eight. Congratulations to Charles, Cam, Allie, Luke, Kerry, John, Anssi, and Jordan, all of whom officially graduated from KU yesterday! (14 May 2012)

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