For a while we thought Nyctixalus spinosus was the funnies looking frog...


We finally met face-to-face with Ichthyophis glandulosus during a recent trip to southwestern Philippines...it was well worth the 90 year wait!


The new northernmost record for Varanus bitatawa is featured here: a case of bush meat consumption from the northeast coast of Luzon. See Welton et al. (2012) for details.


Back from the Solomons in Spring 2012, Rafe reaffirms Ceratobatrachus guentheri as one of his top three favorite frogs


The "Critically Endangered" Polillo Island endemic, Platymantis polillensis, now back from the brink of exinction that never was, and common and widespread in eight provinces on the neighboring island of Luzon.


In a recent review of bent toed geckos fo the southern Philippines, Luke and colleagues formally described this beautiful new species of lizard from Dinagat Island. Now accompanying many thousands of letters as they travel throughout the archipelago, Cyrtodactylus mamanwa has national exposure! How cool is that?


Brachymeles bicolor...one very cool lizard on its way to becoming a snake



Scooby-Doo fans all over the world celebrated our discovery of Sanguirana aurantipunctata...



Catching sea snakes in the Solomon Islands can be tough when fish mimic venomous reptiles



Previously we featured Barbourula busuangensis, the most ancient Philippine amphibian lineage. Read all about it here and download the paper (Blackburn et al., 2010) here.



Kyle took this cool photo of Polypedates eating a Hemidactylus...the Superfrog does it again! See PDF and PDF


Varanus bitatawa, the new monitor that took the world by storm...PDF


Brachymeles muntingkamay from Mt. Palali...four fingers and four toes!

Parias flavomaculatus comes in many flavors.

Ophiophagus hannah snacking on a Varanus cumingi


Interestingly, we were recently challenged on our claim that the defensive posture of Kalophrynus pleurostigma resembles a snake head mimicry system. Alright, fair enough, you be the judge.

Recently we featured the rare Philippine forest turtle (Siebenrockiella leytensis) photographed here on northern Palawan Island. Read all about it in this year's volume of Chelonian Conservation and Biology, here

We found these flying frogs (Rhacophorus pardalis) during a recent expedition to Mt. Labo on the Bicol Peninsula of Luzon Island, Philippines. That's right, you heard right: Flying Frogs!

You know how bad movies go straight to video? Well this shot goes straight to "past herpetological novelties" because we can't bear to put this guy on our opening webpage. But you have to admit, Andrias japonicus is one hell of a salamander!

Leyte swamp frogs gettin busy at the aquatic-terrestrial interface. Sweet.

Jason, Rafe, and a mangrove snake. It doesn't get any cooler than this.


Parachute geckos are the bomb


Pipa pipa and a clutch of eggs. You gotta admit: it's totally gross.


Sweetass mimicry of a coral snake by a caterpillar


Look closely. That's not a pit viper face, it's a frog butt.