We are a group of researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students based at the University of Kansas Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Herpetology Division of the KU Biodiversity Institute. Our research interests are varied but common denominators include biogeography and evolution, biodiversity, phylogeny estimation, conservation, and herpetology. See past group photos here and click the names below to go straight to individual webpages. Above, left to right: Rafe, Chan, Yong-Chao, Tashitso, Karen, John, Scott, Allyson, Jamie, Paulette, Jesse, and Mia.

Principle Investigator Graduate Students Undergraduates
Dr. Rafe Brown Scott Travers Mia Phillips
  Jesse Grismer Matt Buehler
Visiting Scholars/Postdocs Anthony Barley Jon Samp
Dr. Yong-Chao Su Jamie Oaks Madeline Miguel
  Chan Kin Onn  
NIH PREP and RISE students Karen Olson Lab Alumni
Paulette Gonzales (KU) Tashitso Anamza Former undergrads
Allyson Prue (Haskell)    
    Popular Press