Scapus: In some taxa the column is externally divisible into regions. The Scapus is the longer, thick-walled proximal section of column. The principal and longest zone of the column, or scapus, may be provided with tenaculi or tubercles. Above the scapus, distally, there is either a thick-walled scapulus or a thin-walled capitulum. In certain cases both regions are present, the capitulum above the scapulus. Only in Athenaria, the most proximal zone is called a physa but this is an ampullaccous extremity. The distinction of a scapus can only occur in those anemones externally divisible into such regions (Carlgren, 1949; p. 10).


Image of a Scapus: (species names are linked to the Hexacorallian database)

Species: Edwardsia pudica

Caption: 4. *Edwardsia rakaiyæ*, n. sp. The animal has burst owing to excessive contraction in spirit, and the inner wall of the introverted part of the scapus is exposed in the upper part of the figure.