Pedal Disc: Consists of a thin plate of tissue by means of which the animal adheres to (Stephenson, 1928; p. 14) and may move across the substrate. Situated at opposite end to the oral disc and actinostome .

Pedal Disc Images: (species names are linked to the Hexacorallian database)


Species: Actinia priapus

Caption: Pedal disk of Actinia priapus.


Species: Isoedwardsia ingolfi

Caption: Proximal end.

Species: Kyathactis hyalina.

Caption: Margin and inferior surface of the pedal disc, magnified. a. Semi-lunar incision.


Species: Edwardsia leidyi

Caption: Pedal disk of Edwardsia leidyi.

Species: Bunodeopsis antilliensis.

Caption: Vertical section through a portion of the base.


Species: Kadosactis rosea

Caption: Fig. 11. *Kadosactis rosea*; magnified. a. The pedal disc; b. Transversal folds with papillæ.